I thought you might like to see responses from MPs - if you have received one that 
you would like me to publish, please feel free to scan it and email it to me, and I will 
happily publish it for you.

  • Here is one from George Hollingbery MP for Meon Valley in Southampton. 
        Page 1 Page 2  - Not impressive!
          (Sorry, but page 2 is displayed upside down - I am struggling to get it the right way up, but doesn't say much!) 
  •  Here is the reply from Dr Liam Fox MP - Secretary of State for Defence
  •  And this is the letter from Mark Hoban MP for Fareham and Financial Secretary to the Treasury
  •  Letters from my MP Peter Aldous to me - 30th Nov and 16th Dec together with the reply from the  Policing Minister, the Rt Hon Nick Herbert MP page 1 and page 2
  •  Ed Vaizey MP (Minister for Communications and Creative Industries) has written a remarkable replica of that  already written by George Hollingbery...!!
  •  The MP for Nuneaton Marcus Jones has written an interesting letter...
  •  Another totally unimpressive letter from Graham Stuart MP for Beverley and Holderness
  •  An encouraging letter from Gloria De Piero MP for Ashfield - let's hope she feels willing to take this on
  •  Yet another "standard" letter - this time from Sajid Javid MP for Bromsgrove! 
  •  Read this - a great response to the 'standard' MP reply sent by Sajid Javid MP by a colleague in West  Midlands
  •  A real gem of a response from Iain Stewart MP for Milton Keynes South...!!
  •  How about Sajid Javid's latest reply? Following the stinging letter sent to him by his constituent, he  has now written to the Home Secretary! Let's see what response we get to this one...!!
  •  Here's a must-read...! My MP, Peter Aldous, has written to Police Minister Nick Herbert on  27th January, putting some very good points to him, and asking Mr Herbert if he would be  prepared to meet me !! A meeting with Nick Herbert was convened hurriedly for 2nd March!!  Read about it here...!
  •  And one from David Lidington MP for Aylesbury to his constituent - a real joy to read...!!
  •  A real pearler from Alan Beith MP Lib Dem member for Berwick upon Tweed - must have taken him  ages to compile this missive to prove to his constituent how concerned he is for Police Pensions...
Nigel Tompsett
Police Sergeant
Responses from MPs

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