Nigel Tompsett
Police Sergeant
 Care For Us ~ So We Can Care For You...
Care For Us So We Can Care For You!

​​The Case to Protect Police Pensions - as was in 2011 / 2012

Police Officers cannot strike in protest about serious changes to their pay, pensions & conditions, unlike many public sector workers whose unions are planning forthcoming strikes over attacks on their pensions.

The only avenues open to Police Officers are debate via democratic means and peaceful protest, neither of which seem to carry much weight or have much effect on the government’s current stance.

The objective now is to muster significant support to gather 100,000 signatures to an online petition on the government’s own website, to try and persuade MPs to hold a parliamentary debate on the subject.

It is an undeniable fact that it is morally, ethically and legally wrong to mis-sell anyone a pension scheme.

Yet that is exactly what may well turn out to be the case by HM Government to all Police Officers!

When I joined the Police Service, I was told that:
    • I would work for 30 years before accruing my full pension rights
    • I would pay 11% of my gross salary towards my pension for 30 years
    • I would retire and draw my pension based on my final salary after 30 years

Now, I am being told that my boss, the Home Secretary, is seriously considering telling me that she has changed her mind, and that:
    • I will now have to work until I am 60 before accruing my full pension rights
    • I will have to pay 14.2% of my gross salary in order to receive my pension
    • I will retire and draw my pension based on an average salary for part of my service

This is clearly wrong!!

It follows therefore that I was mis-sold my pension scheme when I joined the Service. I was never told, either verbally or in writing, that my employer could choose to so drastically change my conditions of service at a whim.

The absolute uniqueness of a Police Officer has to be recognised.

There is no other job or vocation like that of being a Police Officer. It has been stated many times recently how we are subject to numerous restrictions on our private and personal lives as well as when we are on duty. It is a truth also that in some ways, we are never off duty, as we have a legal responsibility to act as a Police Officer at all times.

It has to be acknowledged that no other body or agency can fill the shoes of the Police Service. If a Police Officer is not available to deal, then no-one is available to deal. We are the end of the line in so many ways.

  • We do not claim to be superior to any other person, body or part of the public or private sector; we just wish to be acknowledged for what we are, to be recognised as being unique in our role and responsibilities, and to be treated accordingly.
  • We want to put on record that we accept we are subject to a two-year pay freeze along with the rest of the public sector albeit at a time of serious economic downturn and high inflation. 
  • We would, however, also wish to reinforce that we are undergoing savage cuts to our numbers and budgets, with the resultant increase in duties and responsibilities while at the same time under serious threat of even more savage cuts to our pay and conditions proposed by the Winsor Review, which the Home Secretary is seeking to implement.
  • We also point out that whilst there is increasing tension and likelihood of community disorder and unrest at a national level due to the economic situation, as Police Officers we are determined to fulfil our role professionally and to the utmost to honour our oath.
  • Our labour can not and will not be withdrawn; however, our goodwill is being stretched incredibly thin to the point where, with morale being at it’s lowest among Police Officers for generations, no-one can state for certain how long we can continue giving of ourselves to the extent that we currently do.

We therefore call on the Home Secretary to abandon the desecration of Police Officers’ pensions; we ask that MPs across all parties acknowledge the validity of our situation and for citizens across Britain to sign the online petition to Protect Police Pensions!

You Care for We Can Care for You!​​

Please go to the e-petition to add your signature and help reach the target of 100,000 signatures to seek an important parliamentary debate to Protect Police Pensions.

Please sign the Govt e-petition!
This is so important that we reach the target of 100,000 signatures on our e-petition, to enable the matter to be considered for a parliamentary debate by MPs.

However, I also value your comments, so please feel free to post your thoughts as well as sign the petition!

Thanks, Nigel