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More about me...

As the website name suggests, my name is Nigel Tompsett.

I became a Police Officer in​ October 1984, so after 30 fulfilling years, my service finally came to an end and I retired in October 2014.

I have served all of my time within rural Suffolk Constabulary, and have had a fantastic career so far, having been an Area Car driver for a number of years in Lowestoft.

I then became a Traffic Officer for 9 nine years (before they became Roads Policing Units) where we dealt with Accidents, not Collisions and when it wasn't wrong to call myself a Policeman....

Then in 2000, Suffolk Police bought its first helicopter, and I was fortunate enough to be on the first crew of that shiny new gadget of all gadgets and got paid to fly around at 1000 feet for nearly five years, before I sat and passed my Sergeant's exam and so after 21 years as a Constable, I joined the best rank in the whole force!

I have since served as a Sergeant in response policing, custody and latterly neighbourhood policing.

Why did I set up this website? Well, I am passionate about The Job.....being a Police Officer is a fantastic role to undertake and I was equally passionate about striving to save the Police Pension schemes as they were.

Of course I understand that the country was in dire financial straits, but as has been said so many times, that is not the fault of the British Bobby, and to desecrate and decimate our pensions was simply wrong.

I did not do this on my own, of course. I needed the support of the thousands of Coppers around the country, and I was overwhelmed by the tremendous support I had since starting this campaign! So thank you!!​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ 

The campaign is now over of course, and we are still seeing awfully desecrating cuts being imposed on police forces across the country, and I really do fear for the future of policing and for individual police officers, as they come under increasing pressure to do more and more with fewer and fewer officers.

While now retired, I can simply look on from the sidelines and feel an overwhelming sense of sorrow for what I can see is happening. I sincerely wish my colleagues all the very best.​​​​

Nigel ​​