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~ The fight has been well fought, but the battle has been lost....

The campaign to Protect Police Pensions was set up in January 2011 when the Hutton Report was first in its infancy and the prospect then was for Police pension contributions to be increased.

That was way before the Winsor Review had even been mentioned and long before the full venomous onslaught of Winsor landed at the door of the entire Police Service of England and Wales.
During the time that has elapsed since the campaign was begun, there has been much pain felt within the service by individual officers and it is fair to say that the pensions issue is just one of many that have affected us all.

The ​​campaign was a great show of solidarity bringing thousands of Police Officers, their families and friends together to protest and make their voices heard within Westminster about how we all felt about what the Government was doing to us all.
This solidarity did of course manifest itself marvellously in the ePetition which achieved over 100,000 signatures and culminated in a debate in Parliament. Not as large as we had been hoping, but a debate nonetheless, brought​ by Keith Vaz MP, for which we are grateful.

Of course, our many friends within the public sector are still continuing in their struggle against the government with strikes being held sporadically. But, as far as the Police Service is concerned, we have accepted our fate and the time is right to move on and get on with our lives ... and our jobs.​

At the same time, it is also right that we come together and despite the pain, reflect on what we do still have and learn to be grateful, and look forward to a brighter future ahead.

Thank you all for your support.

Nigel Tompsett​​​​​​​​

​​I still think the video below very poignantly sums up why we police officers do what we do...

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